Hydrogen energy technologies

Product Overview

Hydrogen is considered as the energy carrier of the future, since when produced from Renewable Energy Sources, is absolutely emission free.
The company can offer complete solutions for hydrogen-based power systems comprising:

  1. Hydrogen production equipment based on water electrolysis
  2. Hydrogen re-electrification units based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology

Water electrolysis

Water electrolysis units based on PEM technology: Advanced PEM electrolysers, manufactured by Proton Energy Systems (www.protonenergy.com) with solid electrolyte, maintenance and caustic free, and a range of hydrogen production rate from 18 NL/hr to 6 Nm3/hr. The electrolysers deliver ultra high purity hydrogen (> 99.999% vol.) at pressures of up to 13.8 bar without using a hydrogen compressor. PEM electrolysers can be used in the following applications:

  • Hydrogen Fueling Systems
  • Renewable Hydrogen Systems (coupling of RES with PEM electrolysers)
  • Back-up Power Systems
  • Hydrogen production for Power Plant

PEM Fuel Cells

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells, manufactured by Fronius (www.fronius.com). PEM fuel cells can provide a reliable solution for the following applications:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for telecom, military and other applications
  • Autonomous RES & Hydrogen – based power systems

Xanthis SA can carry the design, techno-economic analysis, procurement, commissioning, operation and maintenance of integrated hydrogen-based power systems in combination with Renewable Energy Sources for autonomous and grid-connected application

Relevant Projects

Xanthis SA has delivered, installed and commissioned a PEM electrolyser and PEM fuel cell in the RES & Hydrogen Technologies Integration Laboratory at the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) in Greece (http://www.cres.gr/kape/present/labs/hydro_3_uk.htm).

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