Azimuth Thrusters

Product Overview

Azimuth thrusters constitute the best propulsion solution when manoeuvrability and steering efficiency are the key operation requirements. Through a sophisticated electronic control system thrust power can be applied instantly to any direction.

The Azimuth thrusters that Xanthis SA installs are made by Veth Motoren, a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality propulsion systems. The Veth family of Azimuth thrusters combine innovative design with solid construction, incorporating features that make maintenance an easy and quick task. Different forms of thrusters in several power ranges make it possible to find the best solution for almost every kind of application and operation requirement.

Z - Drive

High thrust and quick rotating time are the key characteristics of the Veth Z drives . For channel crossing passenger and car ferries, where fast turn around time and precise manoeuvrability is vital to their operation , it is hands down the most efficient propulsion solution.
Their robust design and high production standards have resulted to a top class propulsion system with an excellent reliabilty record.
Single propeller or counter rotating propellers Z drives can best fit the application requirements.

Retractable Z - Drive

This type of Veth-Z-Drive is completely retractable within the ship.

By the means of an ingenious arch-claw clutch system, the engine can be completely detached from the driving unit by remote control. They can ideally link to a Dynamic Positioning system and work under the most difficult circumstances.

Z - Drive Retractable Z - Drive Z - Drive

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