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Support You Can Count Upon

Pre-Sales Support and Planning

Xanthis SA is geared to offer professional services that can assist the customer throughout his investment implementation. Guiding the right engine or equipment selection to match the operational requirements of the application, install it, commission it and eventually achieve the estimated performance results is the ultimate reward for the customer and the company.

  • Solution Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Financing

After-Sales Support

Preventive Maintenance

Planned service is the best way to avoid downtime and achieve efficient budgeting. Preventine Maintenance Schemes and Service Contracts tailored to the customer's specific requirements can be offered on certain Lister Petter engines and gen sets and on a wide range of MAN Diesel PrimeServ UK served engines.


High class repair and service works can be offered by experienced engineers and electricians on all the engines, gen sets and propulsion systems and equipments supplied by Xanthis SA.

Spare Parts

Using genuine spare parts is the best way to protect and optimise the performance of the engine, generating set, propulsion and/or transmission equipment. Xanthis SA tries to offer high spare parts service, supported by expert technical advice and quick order processing and delivery.